van life

27 van decoration ideas

Trailing Greenery

When the weather’s gone dreary, you can still enjoy all of the fruits of nature with verdant vines and frilly foliage cascading across your van.

Set the Mood for Adventure

With the tattered map, natural wood, rustic textiles, and lowkey color palette, this van lifer transformed their space into an Indiana Jones-esque headquarters

Coordinated Comfort

Coordinating color palettes can turn a simple bench seat into a relaxing space for reading, writing, or taking a mid-afternoon nap.

Luxe Paint Job

Matte paint colors make rooms feel smaller because they don’t reflect light like gloss paints. However, they add an undeniable touch of luxury, especially when adorned with metallics for a touch of sparkle.

Sylvan Wonderland

If you can’t get enough of visiting hidden forest trails, turn your camper into your personal sylvan hideaway with a monochromatic green color palette featuring dashes of natural wood, burlap textiles, and jewel-toned accents.

Shower in Style

Show off your inner artist with a custom, hand-painted shower mural. It’s a great way to add texture and color without occupying your limited floor space

Macrame Multitaskers

Space is a sacred thing when you’re decorating your van. This macrame hanging fruit basket does double duty as a practical storage option and a stunning DIY detail.

Well-Worn Weave

These rustic hanging shelves complement the fresh, new wood on the cabinets and wall

Indoor Seashore

Part of the fun of van life is that it feels like a vacation every day. In the winter, however, it’s hard to justify a day on the beach when there are snow-capped mountains and evergreen forests to explore.