van life

21 creative van kitchen ideas

Hanging Spice Rack

Magnets and mason jars can safely keep your artisanal herbs and spices stowed away without cluttering up your drawers.


With handy chalkboards in your kitchen, you can quickly jot down grocery lists and hang recipes for easy access on the road

Slide-Out Sink Cover

Why just turn your stove into a countertop when you can transform your sink too?

Rattan Details

If you’re looking for boho-chic van kitchen ideas, look no further than these gorgeous rattan-front cabinets and drawers.

Herb Garden

One of the downsides of van life is giving up the opportunity to keep a vegetable and herb garden.

Wood Burning Stove

Go old-school with a wood-burning stove. It does double duty by providing a small surface for tasks like brewing a pot of coffee and giving heat without propane or electricity.