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Creative Van Bed Ideas

Platform Bed

Platform beds are the easiest camper van bed to build.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are perfect for those traveling with other people. You can install a bunk bed in a camper van in several different ways.

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are popular in RVs and campers and are equally popular in camper vans.

Slat Bed

Slat beds have wooden slats for a platform. These slats glide smoothly into each other to form a couch or slide out for a bed.

Two Benches

You can design benches for a sitting area. Sometimes this is useful for eating when your benches are up.

Drawbridge-style Bed

This style of camper van bed is similar to the Murphy style bed because it goes into the wall.

Rock n Roll Bed

Rock and roll beds typically start in a couch form. The couch is usually the back seat of the van.


Hammocks are a popular option for sleep in the camper van world. You can create tie-down points in your van or find them.