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Best Type of Wood for Vans

Marine-Grade Plywood is Key

Plywood manufactured with waterproof adhesive and specifically intended to survive the extreme conditions of marine locations is marine-grade plywood.

Pine and Spruce is Also Great

Pine and spruce are other types of wood that people frequently utilize in van construction in addition to marine-grade plywood.

Weatherproofing is Crucial

Weatherproofing the van’s walls and roof in addition to its floor is crucial to ensure a long-lasting interior.

Consider Thermal Insulation

Consider adding additional insulation to your van build because wood is not a very effective insulator on its own.

Aesthetics Appeal

You should pick a sort of wood that blends well with your van’s overall style and that you will be content with in the long run

Don't Neglect the Subfloor

Experienced builders advise you to make a subfloor that’s at least 3/4 inches (19mm) thick. This density provides appropriate strength and support for the van’s occupants and cargo.

Lay a topfloor when you're done

You’ll want to lay a finished floor on top once you install the subfloor.